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T-Mobile wants to carry the iPhone but won't accept financial costs associated with the device

News by Andrew Kameka on Tuesday November 20, 2012.

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T-Mobile COO Jim Alling said that his company would like to sell the Apple iPhone, but the costs to carry the device would be too high.

"Make no mistake about it: We would love to carry the iPhone," Alling said at a telecommunication conference in Barcelona. "However, we want the economies to be right for us."

Of the four major U.S. carriers, T-Mobile is the only one that does not offer the IPhone. That has caused the company to lose hundreds of thousands of customers, but the iPhone's affect on churn has not been enough to make T-Mobile reach a deal with Apple similar to the one the manufacturer reached with Sprint. Sprint committed $15.5 billion over four years to carry the iPhone and doesn't expect to see a profit from the deal until 2015.

T-Mobile cited the iPhone 5 as a major contributor to the 492,000 customers it lost last quarter, but the company does not feel it is worth spending so much money to prevent more departures. Despite having more than 1.5 million customers who use the iPhone on its network, T-Mobile has elected not to officially offer the device. Instead, it has focused on refarming its 1900MHz spectrum to increase speeds on the iPhone and encourage consumers to bring their unlocked devices for use on T-Mobile's network.

source: Fierce Wireless, via: TmoNews

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