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Microsoft investigating claims of Windows Phone 8 random reboots and battery drain

News by Andrew Kameka on Monday November 19, 2012.

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Microsoft has acknowledged that it is aware of user reports that their new Windows Phone 8 handsets are suffering from hardware or software glitches that cause the devices to randomly restart. The company says that it is now investigating claims after several users complained at WPCentral forums that the phone mysteriously reboots, loses power at an abnormal rate, or has issues with synchronizing email.

According ZDNet, Microsoft's official statement on the issue is simply, "We are currently investigating reports of these incidents."

The cause of the problem has yet to be determined, but the issue is said to affect both the Windows Phone 8X by HTC and Nokia Lumia 920. I have been using a Lumia 920 frequently for nearly a week and have yet to experience any of those problems, but many users in forums say the issue keeps appearing for them. Some users claim that removing the Skype app put an end to the problem, though that cannot be verified.

source: ZDNet

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