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Thieves steal $1.5 million worth of iPad shipment in New York

News by Andrew Kameka on Thursday November 15, 2012.

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A group of thieves managed to steal $1.5 million worth of Apple iPad minis from a cargo building at John F. Kennedy Airport in New York, making off with about 3,600 tablets before escaping security. According to the NY Post, a group of thieves entered the building at 11 p.m. and began loading pallets containing iPad Mini shipments into a tractor-trailer. When a security guard approached, the thieves drove away without loading additional pallets that contained thousands more tablets.

Cargo Airport Services, the company that shipped the tablets from China to New York, say that the iPad Mini stock was destined for various stores throughout the U.S. The tablets would have been highly valuable to retailers during a busy shopping season in which Apple has already managed to sell millions of its iPad mini and iPad fourth generation tablets. The Post does not say which models were stolen, but an estimated $1.5 million value and about 3,600 units being stolen point to it being a mix of the 16GB ($329) and 32GB ($429) versions of the device.

The Post reports that police are investigating if airport employees orchestrated the theft. Investigators have questioned several workers because they believe that the group were granted entry into a secure area. The thieves and the stolen cargo are still at large.

source: New York Post, via: Fortune

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