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Motorola announces ATRIX HD Developer Edition with unlockable bootloader

News by Andrew Kameka on Tuesday November 06, 2012.

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The Motorola ATRIX HD launched in July with a locked bootloader and a wave of disappointed Android users who wanted to make deep customizations to the device's software. Motorola today announced that those users will get the chance now that the ATRIX HD has been added to its Developer Edition program.

Motorola has created a sign-up page for users wishing to receive future updates about the ATRIX HD Developer Edition, an upcoming phone that is exactly like the standard ATRIX HD sold by AT&T, except for the fact that it will be supported in Motorola's Bootloader unlocking program. Motorola created the program as a way to meet compromise between carriers who wish to secure phones from tampering and power users who want to make wholesale changes to a phone's software. The same hardware triumphs and losses found in our ATRIX HD review will be present in the Developer Edition, but that model of the phone has a smoother and safer method for installing custom ROM's like the popular CyanogenMod project. That will provide an outlet for power users and tinkerers who wish to load custom software.

Neither a price nor a release date has been set for the ATRIX HD Developer Edition, but interested buyers can sign-up to be notified when that information will be shared with the public.

source: Motorola

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