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Gartner: 1.2 billion smart devices will be sold in 2013, Android and iOS will continue to dominate in 2016

News by Andrew Kameka on Tuesday November 06, 2012.

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Gartner reports that 821 million smartphones and tablets will be sold by the end of 2012. The research firm also estimates that global sales of smart devices will climb even higher next year and reach 1.2 billion in sales.

Smartphone and tablet sales have increased rapidly in recent years, and that momentum will continue despite economic challenges. Smart devices will account for 70 percent of total devices sold this year, mostly because of increased interest in tablets, according to Gartner. It estimates that the 13 million tablets purchased by businesses this year will triple to 53 million by 2016. Apple and various Android tablet manufacturers will be the key beneficiaries of the increased adoption, and Windows 8 is expected to secure the No. 3 position.

RIM will lose its place in the enterprise market under Gartner's projections. IT departments are increasingly looking to Apple iOS and Google Android to meet the device needs of employees, which will create an enormous challenge for RIM in its key sales market. Gartner estimates that by 2016, 56 percent of smartphones purchased by businesses in North America and Europe will use Android software. That's up from the 34 percent estimated this year.

source: Gartner

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