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Google Maps for iOS will have a tough time being approved by Apple, says The Guardian

Rumors by Andrew Kameka on Monday November 05, 2012.

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The return of Google Maps to iPhone users may not be any time soon, and the chances of the app's being approved by Apple may be slim, according to a report posted by UK newspaper The Guardian. According to Michael Grothaus, sources have informed him that Google is presently working on an official Google Maps app for Apple iOS devices. Though Googlers are working hard on the app, they are pessimistic about the chances of it being approved by Apple.

Grothaus bases his assessment on communications with two Google employees - one who believes that the app is more likely to be approved now that iOS leader Scott Forstall is leaving Apple, and another who believes that "industry politics" will keep the app from being released. That's hardly new information, nor is it reason to panic. Grouthaus' report relays the personal opinions of Google employees, not definitive word from Apple, which has the ultimate say on whether a Google Maps app makes it into the App Store. The Google sources highlight that none of the suggested alternative map apps for iPhone feature Google Maps API's, which they believe was a deliberate snub because of animosity between the two companies.

Considering the contentious relationship that Apple and Google have had in recent years, which was the reason Apple decided to replace Google Maps with its own mapping solution in iOS 6, the approval process for a new app has a good chance of being long and bitter. Sources say the wait may be long, but there have also been reports of sources who claimed that the Google Maps for iOS was already finished when the iPhone 5 launched, which has been proven inaccurate. Apple may decide to not approve a new maps app from its rival, but that does not mean it won't eventually come around. Apple took several weeks to approve Google Voice and Google Voice Search for iOS before eventually permitting those apps to be downloaded.

source: The Guardian

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