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Samsung Galaxy Note II Review: Bigger and Better

Review by Andrew Kameka on Tuesday November 06, 2012.

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4.3 stars

(How we score)

Excellent camera and unique software capabilities because of S Pen and 5.5-inch screen
Large size may be too much for many users to overcome


The Samsung Galaxy Note II is big. Colossally big. Comically big. Write down any adjective you can think of to modify how to describe something large and it will most likely fit the description of the Galaxy Note II. It's important to get that inescapable description out of the way because anyone who sees or holds the Galaxy Note II will have no choice but to be taken aback by how large is the phone-meets-tablet.

The same predicament made doubters believe that the original Galaxy Note was too big to succeed, but millions of phones sold later, that proved to be a false prediction. Despite the magnitude of its build, the Galaxy Note II is not excessive in everyone's eyes or hands. How does Samsung's latest super-sized handset manage to tow the line between too big and too good to pass up? Read below to find out.

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