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Windows Phone Marketplace has published more than 126,000 apps

News by Andrew Kameka on Wednesday October 24, 2012.

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The Windows Phone Marketplace may trail the much larger app stores for the Apple iPhone and Google Android devices, but Microsoft's mobile app store is quickly reaching important milestones. All About Windows Phone has reported that the Windows Phone Marketplace has published more than 126,000 apps since the store opened in 2010. The figures are unofficial and not from Microsoft, but previous estimates from AAWP have proven accurate when Microsoft shared official app totals afterward.

The estimates from AAWP are for every app ever published, so it includes apps that have been removed by Microsoft or the developer. An estimated 113,000 to 120,000 apps are available at the moment. While that is far behind the 700,000 iOS apps and the more than 675,000 apps available for Android, it is a significant increase for Windows Phone. It took an estimated 20 months for Windows Phone to reach 125,000 published apps, which compares favorably to 26 months for Android and 18.5 months for iOS.

The rate of development appears to have gone flat. Microsoft officially announced that there were 100,000 apps available in June, up from 50,000 reported in December. The rapid increase has slowed since Microsoft revealed that Windows 7.5 devices will not be upgraded to Windows 8, a decision that is sure to influence resources developers allocate for future projects.

AAWP has a detailed breakdown of Windows Phone Marketplace stats that shows performance over time, adoption in select markets, and the types of apps and games that have drawn the most attention.

source: All About Windows Phone

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