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Samsung TecTile expands commands for NFC technology

News by Andrew Kameka on Wednesday October 24, 2012.

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Samsung Mobile announced today that it has added new features to its Samsung TecTile NFC controller app. TecTile, which is an Android app that can set and read tags from Samsung-made NFC stickers of the same name, has increased the number of commands and the sophistication of the types of tags users can program.

TecTile Version 3.0 has a new feature that allows that can create private tags that are readable only by one person's phone. Users can also reprogram a previously locked TecTile without having to completely overwrite it, so the latest version will give users more control for managing privacy and personal settings with TecTile.

In addition to a new history tab that logs all TecTile activity, Samsung has also announced that TecTile Version 3.0 can perform the following functions:

- Program multiple functions with a single tag. For instance, a "Driving" tag placed on a car dashboard can turn on Bluetooth, GPS, and launch Google Maps.

- Customize profiles so sets of predefined actions take place. The interesting thing about this feature is that multiple people can have their own settings within a profile, so a tag set to switch to a "Work" profile will allow individuals using the tag to have unique settings within the Work profile.

- Change settings related to Airplane mode, alarms, and ringtones. It also has the option to toggle Play/Pause in Music Player or play a specific song.

- Adjust electronic business cards or interact with other programs. TecTiles can be set to check-in on location-sharing apps or post updates on social networks. Supported apps include Facebook, foursquare, Google+, Glympse, and LinkedIn.

Samsung TecTile NFC stickers are available at AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, and Samsung.com. The stickers cost $14.99 for a pack of five tags, and are compatible with any Samsung device that has NFC capabilities. The TecTile 3.0 Android app is available for free download in Google Play.

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