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Zagat relaunches as a free restaurant discovery app for Android

News by Andrew Kameka on Thursday October 11, 2012.

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Zagat announced earlier this year that it would discontinue its paid restaurant recommendation app following Google's acquisition of the company. That app will go out of service on October 15, so Google has introduced its replacement. An all new Zagat Android app now delivers a free version of the same restaurant reviews previously offered, but they are now presented in a new format. Google rewrote the app's code, making it faster and more visually appealing.

It is now easier to search for restaurants in an area, filter out locations that don't meet a minimum or lack certain amenities, and browse through more than 30,000 restaurant listings. The new Zagat also lets users add reviews and reserve a table. Usefulness will vary because some cities have more data than others, but diners should be able to find and rate restaurants with relative ease.

Anyone who purchased the older version of Zagat can get a free printed Zagat Guide valued at $15.95 or less.

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