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Nokia Maps get more up-to-date information thanks to FedEx and UPS

News by Andrew Kameka on Thursday October 04, 2012.

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In the wake of Apple's dreadful launch of its new iOS 6 Maps app, people are paying more attention to map options. Nokia has long claimed that its location data is better than other map providers like Google, and the company has shared one reason it's able to outpace the competition - data from delivery companies FedEx and UPS.

The Atlantic has published a lengthy article that details how Nokia powers its maps. Like Google, Nokia operates a fleet of drivers who travel through cities to return data used to gain more accurate data on roads, and it gains data from consumers who use their existing mapping applications. The company also gains insight from the systems tracking FedEx and UPS delivery trucks. Cliff Fox, Nokia VP of Location Content, told The Atlantic:

"The system that they have for tracking the UPS trucks is different from the way the maps application works on the Nokia device. You'll have differences on the amount of times per minute they ping their location, though typically it's every 5 to 15 seconds. It'll give you a location, a direction, and a speed as well."

Nokia says that it gets more than 12 billion probe data points per month to build and refine its maps. Getting constant data from UPS, which drives 3.3 billion miles per year, helps Nokia keep distance and route recommendations more accurate and relevant. While Google and Nokia would both argue that their company makes the better mapping application, it appears that Nokia has the advantage of having the more informed map app.

More information on the type of data and challenges faced by Nokia's mapping efforts is available at the source link below.

source: The Atlantic, via: WMPoweruser

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