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Nokia outcasts Jolla Ltd. set to debut MeeGo-based OS and phone next month

News by Andrew Kameka on Tuesday October 02, 2012.

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Nokia chose to abandon the MeeGo platform and devote all its resources to Windows Phone last year, but not everyone was happy with the decision. Former Nokia executives formed the startup Jolla Ltd. to resurrect MeeGo, and the company will showcase its first creation next month. The Wall Street Journal reports that Jolla will launch a phone using an operating system based on MeeGo. The "Sailfish" OS is the result of several months of work using technology based on what was seen in the Nokia N9. It is compatible with high-end and low-end smartphones, tablets, and even touchscreen televisions. While Nokia didn't think MeeGo would be good enough to return the company to its position as the world's top smartphone producer, Jolla will use the OS to carve out its own space in the competitive smartphone market.

Jolla will enter the smartphone market at a time when most companies are fighting for the scraps left behind by dominant companies Apple and Samsung. Android and iOS control the market, but Jolla CEO Jussi Hurmola is optimistic that patent disputes related to Android will encourage more companies to embrace its operating system. Hurmola told the Wall Street Journal:

"Much of the recent litigation between Apple and Android makers have touched upon user interface infringement. Our software is well patented and we haven't copied anybody. That's a big opportunity for device makers."

Jolla currently has $257.8 million in funding and support from a carrier, a chipset maker, and a device manufacturer that have yet to be disclosed. The company plans to license its technology in Spring 2013.

source: Wall Street Journal

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