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HTC trade-in program offers up to $300 to new buyers

News by Andrew Kameka on Wednesday September 19, 2012.

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In the market for a new phone? If the answer is yes, you may get a up to $300 to offset the cost of purchasing a new HTC phone. HTC has announced its HTC Trade Up program that offers customers money in exchange for their working old phones. The program works in four steps:

1) A consumer tells HTC his or her phone model and condition to get a quote for the value of the device

2) He or she then buys a new HTC phone with standard contract or in-full purchase procedures

3) The customer sends the old phone to HTC

4) HTC then sends the customers a Visa Prepaid Card containing the agreed upon value of the original phone.

The HTC Trade Up program is open to all modern smartphones, not just those made by HTC. It offers more money for newer devices in better condition, but in some cases, it may make more sense to try to sell the phone on eBay, Craigslist, or Gazelle. For instance, it offered me only $120 for my Galaxy Nexus LTE version; a recent eBay auction sold the same model for $230, but Gazelle offers a comparable $122. Potential HTC customers can go for the fast and guaranteed money by visiting HTCTradeUp.com. The offer may prove useful considering that HTC is set to announce a new phone in a few hours.

source: HTC TradeUp, via: Androinica

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