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Nokia Lumia 820 breaks out of its shell, offers interchangeable colors and functions

News by Andrew Kameka on Monday September 17, 2012.

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The Nokia Lumia 820 features interchangeable shells that customers can remove to switch their handset from a red Nokia phone to a cyan Nokia phone in a few moments. Aside from the color swapping, the shells also offer new feature options that may intrigue Nokia Lumia 820 buyers.

While being able to easily switch between 1 of 8 colors is a handy feature, customers might be more interested to know that they can also switch between more rugged backs or those that enable wireless charging. The Lumia 820 offers the option for ruggedized backplates that add extra protection to the phone. The ruggedized shells are the same width and length as the standard shells, but they are slightly thicker and have rubber edges that wraparound to protect the front corners of the phone. The shell is made from PC/ABS plastic and is designed to protect the phone without needing a bulkier aftermarket smartphone case.

The Lumia 820 will come with a standard PC/ABS shell, but users can upgrade to a Wireless Charging shell that can use Qi wireless charging or connect to speaker docks and headphone accessories that are sold separately. Nokia says that the Lumia 820 cases are more than just about looks and colors, but there will be a different set of palette options for each style of case sold for the phone. Here's a breakdown of the color options:

- Standard shell (high-gloss): cyan, purple, red, yellow, white
- Wireless Charging shell (matte): black, cyan, red, yellow, white
- Ruggedized shell (matte with black trim): green, orange, yellow

source: Nokia

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