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Google Wallet use has doubled since Google began accepting all debit and credit cards

News by Andrew Kameka on Thursday September 13, 2012.

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Google Wallet could only count Citi, MasterCard, and prepaid cards among the short list of options when it launched Google Wallet. Since expanding the mobile payment option's list of supporters to include any debit or credit card in the U.S. last month, use of Google Wallet has more than doubled. Google notes that the rise in transactions occurred immediately after launching support for American Express, Discover, and Visa cards, which may explain why the company decided to discontinue prepaid cards.

Mobile payments are far from reaching critical mass, but Google wants to attract more banking partners to throw their support behind its payment initiative. Google revealed the Wallet use stat in a post encouraging banking partners to implement its Save to Wallet API for cards, which would make adding banking information to Google Wallet easier and more intuitive. Many of these same banking partners are also involved with the competing ISIS venture, so there may not be a high incentive to participate unless the number of transactions processed through Google Wallet continues to surge. Discover and Barclaycard US are so far the only new banks to implement Save to Wallet API.

source: Google Commerce

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