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Amazon announces September 6 press conference, likely for new Kindles

Rumors by Andrew Kameka on Thursday August 23, 2012.

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Amazon may announce a new slate of Kindle ereaders and tablets on September 6. The online retailer and producer of Kindle products has sent MobileBurn an invitation to a large press event in Santa Monica next month. A number of other outlets, including several Android blogs, were also invited, so the event appears to feature at least one Android-related announcement. Amazon uses Android as the software for its Kindle Fire tablet, so we may see a successor to the device announced next month.

Another, although smaller, possibility is that Amazon will announce an Android-based phone at the event. Amazon has been rumored to be developing a phone since the weeks before it announced the Kindle Fire, and the success of its Android tablet may have encouraged the company to attempt success in the smartphone market.

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