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Press Release posted by Michelle Ruhfass on Thursday August 23, 2012.

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LOS ANGELES - Aug. 23, 2012 - Boingo Wireless, Inc. (NASDAQ: WIFI), the Wi-Fi industry's leading provider of software and services worldwide, today introduced an updated version of its Wi-Finder app for iOS that helps users save money on cellular data charges by including a data tracker to help monitor usage. The new Wi-Finder update features a mobile data usage tracker that helps iPhone and iPad 3G/4G users stay within their mobile data plan limits and avoid expensive data overage charges by showing how much data has been used on both 3G/4G and Wi-Fi. The enhanced Wi-Finder app for iOS - which also includes a personal VPN and still makes it easy to connect to more than 500,000 hotspots worldwide - is now available in theiTunes App Store. Wi-Finder's data usage tracker simplifies the data management process for users on any plan with custom settings for data allotments, overage rates and billing cycle. The tool automatically tracks cellular and Wi-Fi usage in megabytes, and gives users a color-coded graph that delivers at-a-glance data usage stats in real time. The tracker also highlights projected monthly savings from using Wi-Fi instead of 3G/4G. "With unlimited mobile data plans nearing extinction, our enhanced Wi-Finder app lets users enjoy their favorite content without racking up expensive data overage charges or upgrading their plan to a higher data limit," said Dawn Callahan, vice president of consumer marketing for Boingo Wireless. The latest version of the Wi-Finder app is debuting just as iOS usage and consumer concerns about mobile data plan costs continue to increase.Parks Associates research recently found that nearly 50% of smartphone users do not know how much mobile data they use each month. "We've seen continued growth in data consumption by our users just as all the mobile carriers are restricting the amount of data they can use each month. People want to watch videos and upload photos without having to know how many megabytes they've used or figure out what it's going to cost them," added Callahan. The updated Wi-Finder app also includes the Boingo Secure VPN and Wi-Fi hotspot finder. The Boingo Secure VPN is a free, one-click security solution that simplifies keeping user data secure on open Wi-Fi networks by encrypting all communications. The Wi-Fi hotspot finder helps users track more than 500,000 commercial hotspots and hundreds of thousands more crowd-sourced free hotspots. The app helps users identify the best possible hotspot by color-coding hotspots based on known quality data.

About Boingo Wireless Boingo Wireless, Inc.
(NASDAQ: WIFI), the world's leading Wi-Fi software and services provider, makes it easy, convenient and cost-effective for people to enjoy Wi-Fi access on their laptop or mobile device at more than 500,000 hotspots worldwide. With a single account, Boingo users can access the mobile Internet via Boingo Network locations that include the top airports around the world, major hotel chains, cafés and coffee shops, restaurants, convention centers and metropolitan hot zones. Boingo through its Concourse Communications Group subsidiary operates wireless networks at large-scale venues worldwide such as airports, major sporting arenas, malls, and convention centers, as well as quick serve restaurants. For more information about Boingo, please visit www.boingo.com.

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