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Sony Exmor RS sensor upgrades photo and video quality of smartphone cameras

News by Andrew Kameka on Monday August 20, 2012.

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Sony has announced a new Exmor RS sensor that should improve the photo and video capabilities of mobile phones and tablets. The new CMOS image sensor uses a "stacked structure" that layers a pixel section over a circuit section, which removes the need to confine the pixel and circuit section into a tight space that limits the size of each element. By fitting bigger components in the same area, the sensor has a more efficient design that captures a higher quality image.

Exmor RS will ship in three models, two of which will have HDR movie recording that captures more colors and details. Another noteworthy feature is RGBW coding, which improves low-light photography by adding white pixels to the red, green, and blue pixels used in current sensors. Sony used the same technique to increase brightness in its Bravia display technology.

The sensors will benefit more than just Sony phone products because other companies use Sony camera technology in their mobile phones. Sony says the Exmor RS models should be ready to ship to manufacturers by October, so the improved sensor technology should appear in devices released in 2013.

source: Sony, via: Engadget

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