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Google brings a taste of Google Now to iOS with updated Voice Search app

News by Andrew Kameka on Wednesday August 08, 2012.

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Google will soon deliver an update to its iPhone and iPad search app that mimics much of the features shown in Google Now. The search giant announced today that in a few days, Google Search for iOS will be able to perform voice searches and have answers read aloud through the phone.

Tapping the search icon and asking "How tall is Mount Everest" will trigger a Google.com search and an audio response that includes the answer. Other questions regarding schedules for sports, flights, or movies will also lead to a voice response. Google includes these same features in Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, and "people love it" according to SVP of Google Search Amit Singhai.

The key difference between Google Now on Android and Voice Search on iOS is that Voice Search does not include the personalized cards aspect seen on Android. Search results are aware of a user's location when providing directions or weather, but there are no automatic travel warnings based on a schedule. Voice Search will read an answer or take a direct command - "Show me pictures of a unicorn," for instance - whenever possible. Standard Google searches without audio response will appear in all other instances.

Google says that the updated app should appear in the App Store soon. iOS 4.2+ will be required to use Voice Search.

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