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Google cans Nexus Q launch, offers free device to all who pre-ordered

News by Andrew Kameka on Wednesday August 01, 2012.

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Google Nexus Q
Google Nexus Q

Google has cancelled the Nexus Q media device before it was set to make its commercial debut. Google promised to begin shipping the Nexus Q last month, but the company decided to postpone the launch of its spherical Google Play streaming box so it can make the Q "even better," according to an email sent to those who pre-ordered the device.

The postponement follows a lukewarm reception of the Nexus Q by the tech media. Limiting the device to only streaming from Google Play and YouTube meant that the Q was less powerful than older Google TV products, which made it difficult to warrant the $299 price. Delaying the launch could give Google more time to make the product more suitable and feature rich before pitching it to consumers.

Pre-order customers can't be too disappointed by this news; the same email announcing the Q's delayed launch also promises that customers will receive a Nexus Q for free. Google will ship the devices "soon" and not charge recipients while it works on improving the Nexus Q.

via: Android Central

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