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ZTE vaults into number five smartphone manufacturer slot thanks to strong Q2

News by Dan Seifert on Wednesday August 01, 2012.

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Chinese mobile phone manufacturer ZTE has vaulted into the number five slot among smartphone manufacturers worldwide, thanks to its strong performance in the second quarter this year.

Independent research company IDC placed the relatively unknown in the West ZTE right behind HTC in the global rankings for smartphone makers. This is the first time that ZTE has been in the top five for smartphone manufacturers. IDC reported that ZTE shipped 8 million smartphones in the quarter, enough to give it 5.2 percent market share. Most of those smartphones were lower-cost, entry-level models shipped to customers in China, ZTE's home base.

ZTE managed to hold on to its fourth place slot for overall mobile phones shipped, ahead of LG and behind Apple. The company shipped 17.7 million mobile phones in Q2, according to IDC's figures.

ZTE is still relatively unknown in North America and much of Europe, as its devices have generally been white label models with carrier branding. But the company is looking to change that, and it has plans to launch high-end smartphones that retain its own branding in the second half of this year.

source: IDC

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