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Dan Seifert is leaving MobileBurn.com; now it's your turn

Editor's Corner by Michael Oryl on Monday July 23, 2012.

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As I've been saying on some of the social networks, MobileBurn.com is looking to hire somebody to do news and reviews. What I have not said, until now, is that the reason for that is Dan Seifert's planned departure at the end of the day on August 10, 2012. I hate to have to write those words. Believe me.

But due to this change, I've been conducting interviews for the past week with a number of potential candidates, and still have more to do. You, for example, have yet to respond to our job posting [PDF]. Why is that?

If you think you have the chops to help steer MobileBurn.com, read through the job posting [PDF] and send off the email application requested therein. Or look for the posting on MediaBistro, if you are already a user of that site.

We'll be sad to see Dan go in three weeks, and we'll certainly wish him the best of luck in the future at that time.

For now, at least, we intend to wring every last drop of energy out of him, so expect to see his name still appearing all over the site for a few weeks.

Until we replace his name with yours, that is.

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