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Nokia 808 PureView review: tomorrow's imaging technology in yesterday's smartphone

Review by Dan Seifert on Wednesday July 04, 2012.

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2.7 stars

(How we score)

incredible, groundbreaking camera; solid build quality
dated and clunky software; low resolution display; no 4G


Nokia is no stranger to pushing the envelope with its camera phones, and the new 808 PureView is no exception to that. Though the 808 PureView is a humdrum smartphone running a dated and crippled operating system (Symbian), it features some of the most groundbreaking imaging technology we have ever seen on a smartphone.

The camera alone isn't enough to make the 808 PureView a must buy, and at $700, Nokia likely won't see very many sales come from the 808 PureView. But it does give us a glimpse into the future of smartphone camera technology, and shows us what we can expect to see in upcoming Windows Phone-equipped Nokia smartphones.

Read on to find out why the 808 PureView is such an intriguing device.

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