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Apple, Google continue to take market share from RIM, Nokia

News by Dan Seifert on Monday July 02, 2012.

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ComScore has released a new report on the mobile phone market in the U.S., and it appears to tell the same story we have seen for some time now: Apple's iOS and Google's Android platforms are continuing to take market share away from RIM's BlackBerry and Nokia's Symbian platforms.

The report, which covers a three month period ending in May 2012, says that Apple gained 1.7 percentage points of market share and Google gained 0.8 points of share. Android is still the number one smartphone platform in the U.S. with 50.9 percent share, while Apple's iOS sits at number two with 31.9 percent share.

Both platforms continued to take market share away from RIM, which dropped 2 percentage points, and Nokia's Symbian platform, which fell 0.4 points. Microsoft is usually another loser of market share in comScore's reports, but this quarter it was able to gain 0.1 points, giving it 4 percent of the smartphone market. The launch of the Nokia Lumia 900 didn't totally change Microsoft's fortunes, but it seems that it did help the company hold on to the little market share it had.

RIM's announcement this past week that it will not launch the new BlackBerry 10 platform until next year means that we will likely see more of these reports where it continues to lose market share to Google and Apple.

source: comScore

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