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ETSI chose Apple's design for the new nano-SIM card says Giesecke & Devrient

News by Dan Seifert on Monday June 04, 2012.

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It appears that Apple's design for the fourth form factor SIM card, the "nano" SIM, was indeed the one chosen by ETSI late last week. Though ETSI did not reveal which design eventually won out, SIM card maker Giesecke & Devrient revealed that Apple's design was the winner.

The process to choose the new SIM card specification was not without drama, as numerous companies, including Apple, Nokia, RIM, and Microsoft, all submitted competing proposals for what the new card should look like. Nokia was the most vocal opponent of Apple's design, which had required a separate tray to hold the card in place, calling it technically inferior to Nokia's design.

Still, Apple's design was backwards compatible with the older micro-SIM and SIM card formats, which apparently was quite popular with the ETSI voting board. In its announcement of the new standard, ETSI specifically pointed out that the new card would be compatible with devices designed around the older standards through an adapter. The new SIM card is forty percent smaller than the micro-SIM card, and should allow manufacturers to make thinner and smaller devices.

ETSI still has not published images of what the new card looks like, and it will likely be some time before we see actual devices designed to use the nano-SIM card on the market. Nokia has said that it will license its patents related to SIM cards for the new design, despite its opposition to it.

source: IDG News, via: Fierce Wireless

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