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HP reaffirms commitment to Enyo and Open webOS

News by Dan Seifert on Saturday May 26, 2012.

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This week, news broke that key members of the Enyo and webOS development team were leaving HP and headed over to Google. The staff that was reported as leaving were said to be crucial members in the Enyo framework development and included leader of the project Matt McNulty. While this may have sounded like a death knell for the Open webOS project, HP has reaffirmed its commitment to the platform, and says that it plans to expand the number of staff working on the Open webOS project.

In a post to its official Enyo blog, HP says that "it's true that some key members of the Enyo team have left the company, but the majority of the engineering and leadership team remains." That doesn't really jibe with the report from The Verge that said those leaving were responsible "99 percent of the code" that makes up the Enyo framework. However, HP says that it not only plans to replace those engineers that are leaving, but also hire more staff that will work on the Enyo framework, making the team even larger than before.

It's hard to see how the Open webOS project will continue as originally planned, but HP has said that it intends to keep the roadmap for the project that it announced back in January and it expects to have a final version of Open webOS released by September. Either way, we'll be watching to see if the project produces results or gets swallowed up by its corporate parent.

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