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Judge dismisses Apple iPad trademark case in California

News by Michael Oryl on Wednesday May 09, 2012.

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Apple iPad
Apple iPad

A California judge has thrown out a trademark infringement case filed against Apple for its use of the iPad name. China-based Proview claims that the deal for the purchase of the iPad brand that its Taiwanese subsidiary penned with a group representing Apple was made under false pretenses and should not be considered valid. The judge dismissed the suit on May 4 based upon a previous agreement Apple and Proview had struck stating that the parties agreed to settle the case in Hong Kong.

When initially pursuing the iPad brand, long before the first Apple tablet was released, Apple had a third party group represent it in its dealings with Proview and holders of the iPad trademark in other countries, but it did so without revealing itself. This is behind part of Proview's argument that it was mislead.

Proview, which is struggling financially, has pinned its hopes on a favorable verdict in a case against Apple that is ongoing in China, where the court is urging the two parties to come to an agreement. A verdict in favor of Proview would force Apple to cease using the iPad mark in China, which is the world's largest consumer market.

source: The Wall Street Journal

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