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AT&T: revenue, profits up in Q1 2012 thanks to record smartphone sales

News by Dan Seifert on Tuesday April 24, 2012.

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AT&T just released its Q1 2012 financial report, and by all accounts, things are looking pretty good for the number two carrier. The company reported gains in subscribers and profits, though it is still relying on the iPhone for its bread and butter.

AT&T added 726,000 new subscribers during the quarter, giving it a total of 103.9 million customers. The company also set a new record for first quarter smartphone sales, with 5.5 million smartphone activations in Q1. However, 4.3 million of those were iPhones, which shows that AT&T is still relying very heavily on the iPhone for a large part of its smartphone business. The carrier says that 59.3 percent, or 41.2 million, of its customers are now using smartphones.

Revenues from AT&T's wireless line were up $1 billion compared to 2011, settling in at $16.1 billion. Income from the wireless line was $4.4 billion, an increase of 11.3 percent from Q1 2011.

Other interesting facts from the report include sales of 460,000 "branded computing" devices, which refers to tablets, tethering plans, aircards, mobile Wi-Fi hot spots and other data-only devices. AT&T says it now has 5.8 million of such devices in use now, a 70 percent increase from a year ago. The carrier sold 240,000 tablets, with about three quarters of those postpaid, or non-contract (read: iPads). AT&T says it now has 61 percent, or 25 million, of its smartphone user base on tiered data plans, and 70 percent of those are on the higher tier options.

AT&T will host a conference call later today to discuss the quarterly results, and we will be tuning in to see if there is anything else of interest to share from it.

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