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HTC shows off potential case options for the One X smartphone

Gallery by Dan Seifert on Friday April 20, 2012.

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During a meeting with press this week, HTC showed off some potential case designs for the One X smartphone. The cases would give owners that aren't fans of the black or white color options of the phone a way to brighten up their devices while protecting them from damage at the same time.

HTC demoed cases in both blue and orange, but it did say that other color options could be made available when the cases hit the market. The cases are made of plastic and are perfectly form-fitted to the One X's polycarbonate shell.

Unfortunately, we don't know exactly when these cases will hit the market or what they will cost when they do, but those that are eyeing the upcoming One X for AT&T can rest easy knowing that they will have some stylish case options for their new phone.

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