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HTC One X review - quad-core power, looks to spare

Review by Michael Oryl on Monday April 02, 2012.

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4.7 stars

(How we score)

Beautiful design, great display, speedy and easy to use camera, improved Sense UI, quad-core processing speed
Non-swappable battery, no 4G data support, somewhat large


Many in the industry believe that HTC, which was once most beloved among Android fans, has fallen from grace. That the company has lost its way, its edge. I am here to tell you that those people are wrong. I offer as evidence the new HTC One X.

The One X, the company's flagship Android smartphone, is the kind of phone that just leaves you breathless. Its single-piece polycarbonate body is unique in the Android world, and it is as comfortable to hold as it is drop dead gorgeous. The X's 720p resolution touchscreen display is just as attractive and functional as it is expansive, measuring 4.7 inches across the diagonal.

The One X's two marquee features, however, are likely its Android 4 OS with the new Sense 4 user interface and the phone's powerful NVIDIA Tegra 3 processor, which has 4 processing cores that can run at speeds up to 1.5GHz. The real world impact of a quad-core processor might be negligible for most tasks, but there's no denying that the marketing appeal it offers is great.

About the only thing that is missing is 4G connectivity, since that shiny new Tegra 3 processor lacked LTE support until very recently.

Apart from LTE, the HTC One X appears to be everything that the Google Galaxy Nexus by Samsung is and should have been.

You'll find two videos of the HTC One X in action after the Table of Contents, below.

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