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Games may be mobile, but players are not alleges new study

News by Dan Seifert on Tuesday March 20, 2012.

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A new study from game company Miniclip and ad supplier MoPub suggests that while mobile games are increasingly popular, people aren't likely to be very mobile while playing them. The survey shows that a significant amount of time spent playing games on mobile devices is done while at home, not on the go.

The study polled 1,625 mobile game players over the span of three weeks and found that the couch was the number one place to play mobile games, taking 44 percent of responses. Twenty-two percent of respondents say they play games while waiting on line for things, while 21 percent play while traveling and 13 percent play at a restaurant.

Despite the inherent mobility of games on mobile devices, it seems that most people are playing them while staying at home. Why might this be the case? One theory suggests that since games are so battery intensive on mobile devices, it is easier to play them when at home - and close to a power outlet - than when on the go. It's the worst when you can't get that important phone call or message because you killed your battery playing Asphalt 6 on the subway.

Either way, it looks like the traditional gaming consoles might have to make some space on the living room couch for mobile devices encroaching on their territory.

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