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Brew Control - the Best iPhone App Ever...this week

Review by Dan Seifert on Friday March 09, 2012.

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As anyone who knows me well can attest, I have an unhealthy love for and slight obsession with coffee. It's the first thing I consume each day and I obsess over making the perfect cup each and every time. One of the main components of making a great cup of coffee is getting your ratios of coffee to water and your time spent brewing correct, and that is where the Brew Control app for the iPhone helps me out each and every day and what makes it the Best iPhone app ever...this week.

Brew Control offers an attractive three pane interface. You start with a Brew Ratios tab that lets you input how much coffee or water you intend to use, and then will provide the recommended amount of the other component based on your chosen ratio. You can adjust the amounts with the wheels below each number, and flip between grams or ounces for your measurements. You can alter the ratio based on your preference, and Brew Control offers presets for the most popular methods of brewing coffee that snobs like me prefer these days (you can also manually add your own method if you choose).

Once you have sorted out your ratios and amounts of coffee and water, the second tab offers four independent timers so you can track your brewing. You can alter the time for both the "bloom" portion as well as the brew portion, and the timer will switch between a countdown timer or stopwatch depending on the chosen brewing method. Once the timer has expired, Brew Control offers a happy little message letting you know that its time to enjoy your coffee (the messages change randomly, so each day you get something new).

Finally, the third "Guidelines" tab offers some insight and history into each method of brewing, bringing you up to speed with how to make a perfect cup of coffee in just a few paragraphs.

Brew Control isn't the only coffee timer app in the iTunes App Store, but I like it for its simple interface and easy access to tweaking of ratios and settings. The built-in presets work quite well for those that are just getting started with brewing their own coffee (i.e. not using an awful automatic coffee maker or even worse, a pod-based monstrosity), and the app offers a little helpful education in the process.

You can download Brew Control for $1.99 from the iTunes App Store now.

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