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iOS 5.1 update changes "3G" indicator to "4G" on iPhone 4S for AT&T

Newsbrief by Dan Seifert on Wednesday March 07, 2012.

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AT&T has been wanting Apple to call the iPhone 4S a 4G device since it came out last fall with support for HSPA+ 14.4Mbps connections, and it seems that AT&T has finally won out: the new iOS 5.1 update changes the cellular data indicator from 3G to 4G on AT&T's iPhone 4S. Don't be fooled - the iPhone 4S is not capable of any faster speeds than before, it just has a fancy new name for its old data connection. Now that both AT&T and Apple have actually released a true 4G LTE device in the new, third-generation iPad, this is something that will surely cause confusion for users, as many will likely now believe their iPhone 4S is a 4G device. Here's a hint: it's not.

via: The Verge

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