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Smartphones consuming twice as much Wi-Fi data as cellular

News by Michelle Ruhfass on Wednesday February 29, 2012.

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Data usage on smartphones is up, but reports are showing that users are not relying on the nation's wireless cell networks, instead using Wi-Fi data as their main source. Wi-Fi data is acounting for up to 70% of smartphone data in some cases. Wi-Fi, it seems, has become the data connection of choice.

The findings are based on a report by Mobidia, a anaylist firm that provides device- and data-centric studies. We were quite surprised with the findings," said Mobidia Vice President of Marketing Chris Hill. "Not only did we find that data usage on smartphones was much higher than the typical 100-500 megabytes average monthly usage that is often cited, but we also found that Wi-Fi usage often outpaced mobile usage by as much as six-to-one in some countries."

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