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Apple files for preliminary injunction against Google Galaxy Nexus in the U.S.

News by Dan Seifert on Saturday February 11, 2012.

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Google Galaxy Nexus
Google Galaxy Nexus

Apple filed for a preliminary injunction against the Google Galaxy Nexus in the U.S. this week. This time Apple cites four patents that are allegedly infringed upon by Google's flagship smartphone.

The four patents in question consist of the same patent that Apple won a decision against HTC with late last year and three new patents that were recently issued to Apple. The three new patents cover unified search systems and Apple's Siri virtual assistant, Apple's slide-to-unlock feature, and autocomplete features in touchscreen text entry. Two of the patents are found in the case brought against Samsung, so this attempt to get a preliminary injunction against the Galaxy Nexus is likely related to that case (Samsung manufactures the Galaxy Nexus, though it is branded as a "Google" device).

Apple is seeking to have the Galaxy Nexus removed from sale in the U.S. while the two companies fight in court over whether or not Google (and by extension, Samsung) is in violation of these patents cited.

This particular case has the potential to have a greater impact on the Android platform as a whole than Apple's older lawsuits against particular manufacturers like Samsung and HTC because the Galaxy Nexus runs "pure" Android as Google designed it - without any manufacturer customizations. If the version of Android on the Galaxy Nexus is indeed found to infringe upon Apple's patents, all other versions and customizations of Android following it could be affected - creating a ripple effect throughout the Android ecosystem. While Google could have pointed the blame at manufacturer customizations in older cases brought up by Apple - and kept its hands out of it - this time Apple is specifically taking issue with Google's version of Android - making it impossible for Google to keep an hands-off approach to the complaints. [via FOSS Patents]

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