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Tweetbot - the Best iPhone App Ever...this week

Review by Dan Seifert on Friday February 10, 2012.

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Posting, surfing, and sharing things on Twitter is one of the main activities that I do with my iPhone on a daily basis. Though iOS 5 includes some nice built-in Twitter features for sharing links and pictures, power Twitter users will want a dedicated app. For me, that app is Tweetbot. Tweetbot, which received a significant update to version 2.0 this week, offers an attractive interface complete with a myriad of gestures and other features that earn it the title of Best iPhone app ever...this week.

Many people might jump to the official Twitter app for the iPhone when they want to satisfy their Twitter needs, but for me, it has never quite cut it - and the recent redesign in version 4.0 has practically made it unusable. While I have dabbled with numerous Twitter apps on my iPhone, and have been impressed with some, like Twittelator Neue, Tweetbot continues to offer the power features I crave in a fun to use environment. Not everyone is a fan of Tweetbot's so-called "heavy," robot-themed design, but personally, I find it fun and cool.

Tweetbot offers every feature that many power Twitter users call for, including support for lists; muting of specific accounts, hashtags, or Twitter clients; integration with various read it later services; conversation threading of replies and direct messages; and of course push notifications. You can choose preferred services for URL shorteners for shared links, image and video uploads, and text file uploads. Tweetbot 2.0 added in-line image viewing in the main timeline, so you can get a peek at an image that another user has shared without viewing the full tweet. Tweetbot's integrated browser for viewing shared links offers a convenient switch to a "mobilizer mode," which strips out much of the formatting of websites and makes them easier to read on a mobile device (you can even specify which mobilizer you prefer in the settings section of the app).

But what really keeps me coming back to Tweetbot every time are the integrated gestures for navigating the app. In addition to the ubiquitous "pull-to-refresh" gesture for columns, Tweetbot has a gesture for nearly every action. Some of my favorites and most-used are the left-to-right swipe to view conversations, the right-to-left swipe for viewing replies, and the double-tap to quickly jump to the top of a list. Adding to the experience are the various custom sounds built into Tweetbot that show up whenever you perform an action like post a new tweet or refresh a column.

Tapbots, the makers of Tweetbot, also just released a version for the iPad this week, which brings all of the features that users have loved on the iPhone to the bigger screen. The iPad version offers an interface that takes advantage of the iPad's larger screen real-estate, and includes all of the gestures that the iPhone version does. Needless to say, it quickly has become my go-to Twitter app on the iPad as well.

Tweetbot for the iPhone can be purchased from the iTunes App Store for $2.99, and trust me when I tell you it's worth every penny. The iPad version is a separate app and not a universal binary with the iPhone version, so you will be shelling out $2.99 twice if you want both, but, again, I feel that the quality of the apps are certainly worth the asking price. Be sure to check out my video walk through of the iPad version, below, for a closer look at Tweetbot.

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