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Apple lobs autocorrect patent lawsuit at Samsung

News by Dan Seifert on Friday February 10, 2012.

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Apple iPhone 4S
Apple iPhone 4S

Apple has filed yet another patent infringement lawsuit against Samsung in California. This particular suit concerns Apple's patents on autocorrect and other functions in iOS.

Apple's complaint centers around patents 8,074,172 and 8,086,604, the first of which covers autocorrect functions in the on-screen keyboard. The second concerns a "universal interface for retrieval of information in a computer system."

Since the full court documents have not yet been released, it is not clear whether Apple is targeting specific Samsung models with this suit or if it is aiming its guns at all of Samsung's mobile products. Apple had previously sued Samsung in California over claims that the Galaxy Tab 10.1 and other Galaxy-branded devices infringed upon Apple's design and trade dress rights. Apple was not successful in getting a preliminary injunction against the particular models mentioned in that suit, but the case has not yet closed in court. [via GigaOm]

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