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Samsung used lower-cost LTE chip in Galaxy Nexus

Newsbrief by Dan Seifert on Tuesday February 07, 2012.

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As technology progresses, the cost of components usually goes down over time, and that appears to have happened with the LTE baseband chip that Samsung chose to use in the recently-launched Google Galaxy Nexus for Verizon Wireless. According to ABI Research, the new LTE chip offers the same high-speed data performance as older chips, but clocks in at just over half the original's $23 price tag. This means that it should be easier for manufacturers to bring LTE smartphones downmarket and offer them at lower price points - something we have already started to see happen with the Pantech Burst and Samsung Exhilarate for AT&T, both of which cost less than $50 on-contract.

source: ABI Research

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