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Nokia Lumia 710 sports call hang-up bug; fix to arrive soon

News by Dan Seifert on Tuesday February 07, 2012.

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Nokia Lumia 710
Nokia Lumia 710

Owners of the Nokia Lumia 710 have been reporting that the smartphone has a bug that makes it appear as if calls are not terminated when the user hits the end call button on the screen. This has led many to believe that the phone is still using their plan's minutes even after they are done with a call. Nokia has acknowledged the issue, but insists it is not as serious as many are led to believe.

Nokia claims that the bug is a display problem, and that the Lumia 710 does indeed disconnect from calls, even if that is not entirely obvious to the user. Some users even resort to completely powering off their Lumia 710s in an effort to end the apparently continuing phone call.

Nokia support staff explained the issue in the company's forums:

"One other important fact about this issue is that the phone modem is responding to the call disconnect signal from the touch display, the call is taken down as it should. The issue is that the user interface displays the call disconnect button but is should not. Consequently consumer are not being excessively billed for a call that seems to be staying up."

Nokia says that it is close to fixing the issue, but it has not given a date as to when users can expect the fix to be available. Until then, users that experience the problem will have to continue to power cycle their handsets to get rid of the end call screen. For what its worth, we did not experience this issue at all during our review time with the T-Mobile version of the Lumia 710 in January. [via The Next Web]

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