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Bathroom time means mobile phone time for many users

News by Michael Oryl on Wednesday February 01, 2012.

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IT in the Toilet
IT in the Toilet

Marketing agency 11Mark has published the results of a 1000 person survey that studies our mobile phone habits...while in the bathroom.

According to the survey, most Americans cop to having used their phone in the bathroom at some point. While 75 percent of the survey participants claim to have used a phone in the bathroom at some time, a full 30 percent of men, and 20 percent of women, go so far as to say that they don't go to the restroom unless they have their phone with them.

There's an app for that

Broken out by smartphone platform, we find that Android users are the most likely to use a smartphone in the bathroom, with 87 percent claiming to have done so at some point. BlackBerry users trail closely behind with an 84 percent figure, while only 77 percent of iPhone users claim to have mixed their mobile use with what used to be considered quiet time in years past. When it comes to specific tasks on the toilet, though, BlackBerry users are most likely to answer (75 percent) or make (48 percent) a call, while iPhone users are most likely to participate in social networking (52 percent) or to use an app (57 percent).

A young man's game

Our age also appears to play a major part in our likelihood to go mobile while sitting down. While nearly half of those 65 and over (47 percent) have used a mobile device in the bathroom, that figure stands at a whopping 91 percent for Generation Y - those born from 1977 through 1993. 80 percent of Gen X and 65 percent of Baby Boomers have also claimed to have done the same.

The following list shows the percentage of participants, of all ages, that have made use of some popular functions of mobile phones.

While using a phone in the bathroom, have you ever...:

  • Read a text message - 67 percent
  • Answered a call - 63 percent
  • Sent a text message - 59 percent
  • Read an email - 42 percent
  • Made a call - 41 percent
  • Surfed the web - 38 percent
  • Use an app - 38 percent
  • Sent an email - 32 percent
  • Used social networking - 29 percent
  • Made a purchase - 10 percent

Shopping while sitting

Interestingly, while only 10 percent of users overall claim to have made mobile purchases from a parked position in a bathroom, more than twice as many iPhone users (22 percent) claimed to have done so. Another interesting trend is that while married people are less likely to use a mobile phone in the bathroom than their single counterparts, people with children are actually more likely to do so.

So next time you receive a text or see a friend post a status update, try to wipe from your mind where they might be. And what they might be wiping.

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