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Amazon Kindle sales up 177 percent in Q4 2011

Newsbrief by Dan Seifert on Tuesday January 31, 2012.

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Amazon Kindle Fire
Amazon Kindle Fire

Amazon just released its Q4 2011 financial results, and while it didn't reveal exactly how many Kindle Fire tablets (or even how many Kindles in total) were sold during the holiday shopping season, it did say that Kindle device sales were up 177 percent over last year. This impressive growth was most certainly spurred on by the popularity of the Kindle Fire, though Amazon's Kindle Touch and basic Kindle e-readers were surely popular as well (and have been on sale for much longer). During December, Amazon revealed that Kindles were selling more than 1 million per week. Analysts have estimated that Kindle Fire sales for the quarter were in the neighborhood of 6 million, which would be significantly more than any other Android-powered tablet on the market.

source: Amazon

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