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Wunderlist - the Best iPhone App Ever this week

Review by Dan Seifert on Friday January 27, 2012.

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There is no shortage of to-do list apps for the iPhone (the app store is overflowing with them, and I currently have 9 installed on my own iPhone, including Apple's own Reminders), but the one that keeps grabbing my attention and to-dos is Wunderlist by 6Wunderkinder. Wunderlist's attractive looks, easy syncing, and cross-platform capabilities make it an obvious choice for the Best iPhone App Ever...this week.

Calling Wunderlist the Best iPhone App Ever...this week is a little disingenuous, and doesn't acknowledge one of Wunderlist's biggest strengths: its cross-platform compatibility. In addition to being available for the iPhone, there is version of Wunderlist for the iPad, Android smartphones and tablets, and now even BlackBerry smartphones. Desktop apps for Windows and Mac OS X exist, along with a webapp that can be used in any capable browser. The best part of all of this cross-platform support? Wunderlist will sync your to-dos among all of the platforms that you may use, so if you have an iPhone, an iPad, and a Windows PC, you can manage the same to-do list with any of your devices and easily knock off tasks with whatever device happens to be most convenient for you.

Of course Wunderlist's strengths don't end with its cross-platform powers, as it features a very attractive user interface complete with a suite of backgrounds that the user can select from. As with any task manager worth its salt, you can sort your tasks into lists, give them due dates, add notes to them, and set up reminders via email or push notifications on the iPhone. Wunderlist supports badges on its app icon to let you know how many open tasks you have at any given time, and it takes full advantage of iOS 5's Notification Center with banners. High-priority tasks can be starred, and you can share to-dos with other users through Facebook, email, or SMS. Wunderlist even provides an option to use iOS 5's built-in Siri voice assistant to add tasks to your list via email.

As good as Wunderlist is, it's not yet perfect, as there is no way to create recurring tasks (to pay a bill, for instance) - something that I would really like (and apparently many others would too, as evidenced by Wunderlist's feature requests). It would also be nice if Wunderlist could sync with the iPhone's calendar or Google Calendar so that you can see what tasks are coming up in the future. Some might lament the lack of nested to-do lists within Wunderlist, but if you are that anal about your to-dos, you might be spending a bit too much time managing them instead of actually getting things done (6Wunderkinder is also developing a project-management suite called Wunderkit (currently in private beta) that might appeal to users who need this feature).

Still, despite lacking a few features, Wunderlist is very well-rounded and remains my choice for managing to-do lists. As mentioned earlier, iPad, Android and BlackBerry users can also get in on the action, and 6Wunderkinder says that a version for Windows Phone is in development as well. Oh, and did I mention that it offers all of this for free? Hard to argue with that. You can grab Wunderlist for iPhone from the iTunes App Store now.

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