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Google improves Calendar and Gmail sync with Windows Phone 7.5 smartphones

News by Dan Seifert on Thursday January 26, 2012.

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Google Calendar settings
Google Calendar settings

Google has improved its Google Calendar syncing with Windows Phone 7.5 smartphones, now allowing users to easily select multiple calendars to sync with their devices.

Prior to this, users had to rely on using a mobile Safari browser on an iPhone or iPad (or spoofing it on the desktop) to select sync multiple Google calendars on their Windows Phone - not exactly an ideal solution. Users can go to m.google.com/sync in the Internet Explorer 9 Mobile browser on their Windows Phone smartphones to select multiple calendars from their Google account.

The updated settings page will also allow users to Enable "Send Mail As" for their account to customize from which addresses they can send mail from within their Gmail account, and Enable the "Delete Email as Trash" feature that will actually delete emails instead of merely archiving them. Finally, Google says that search in the Windows Phone email client now searches a user's entire Gmail account, instead of just what is synced on the device itself.

If all of these features sound familiar, its because Google has enabled most of them for iOS devices already, with the Delete Email As Trash feature arriving just recently. [Google]

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