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Fujitsu ARROWS ES IS12F smartphone hands-on at CES 2012

Gallery by Michael Oryl on Sunday January 08, 2012.

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While suffering from an apparent case of early onset Alzheimer's and leaving my camera in the hotel room, I stumbled upon the Fujitsu ARROWS ES IS12F at the 2012 CES Unveiled event in Las Vegas. The ARROWS is, according to Fujitsu and partner Toshiba, the thinnest smartphone available in the world. Measuring a mere 6.7mm thick, that's certainly a believable claim.

It seems that Fujitsu execs thought that being merely thin wouldn't be enough to earn jealous stares from its competitors, though, since the company also decided to make the ARROWS water proof. I actually dunked the device myself a few times, just to prove that it was up to the task. A Fujitsu rep said that the phone could withstand water up to a meter and a half deep for up to 30 minutes with now harm coming to it.

Other specs of note include a 4-inch touchscreen display with WVGA (800 x 480 pixel) resolution, 1GB of built-in storage teamed up with a single-core Qualcomm 1.4GHz processor, and a 1400mAh battery. It also comes equipped with a 5.1 megapixel camera and 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi support. All this is fitted into a body that weighs only 105g (3.7oz).

Before you get ready to whip out your wallet, please note that the ARROWS ES IS12F is currently only intended for Fujitsu's home market of Japan, though Fujitsu reps claimed that the company was in talks with carriers in other parts of the world.

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