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Microsoft testing fix for Windows Phone SMS flaw

News by Dan Seifert on Wednesday December 28, 2011.

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Samsung Focus S
Samsung Focus S

According to Khaled Salameh, the gentleman who discovered a fatal SMS flaw in the Windows Phone platform a few weeks back, Microsoft has confirmed to him that it has found a solution to the problem and is currently testing the fix now.

If you'll recall, it was discovered that a certain string of text sent as an SMS message, Facebook Chat message, or Windows Live message to a Windows Phone 7.5 device would cause the phone to shut itself down automatically. Upon restarting the phone, the Messaging hub would be rendered inoperable, with the only fix being a complete wipe and restore of the device.

Microsoft was quick to confirm the news when it was initially reported and claimed that it was already working on a fix for it. Now the company says that it has found the cause of the problem and is in the process of testing a fix before distributing it to users.

Fortunately, Salameh did not make the contents of the silver bullet message public, so it is unlikely that many users will be affected by the issue before Microsoft is able to deliver the patch. Still, it is disconcerting that just a simple string of text is enough to render one of the most used functions of a smartphone inoperable. Microsoft did not say when the fix would be available for users to download and install. [Khaled Salameh via WP Central]

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