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Google pulls YouMail app from Android Market at T-Mobile's behest

News by Dan Seifert on Thursday December 08, 2011.

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Google has apparently removed YouMail, a voicemail service and app, from the Android Market due to a complaint about the app lodged by T-Mobile. T-Mobile argued that the YouMail app was causing "adverse network disruption," which prompted Google to remove it from all versions of the Android Market.

YouMail offers users easy access to their voicemails, as well as visual voicemail and transcription services, not unlike Google's own Google Voice service. Google provided an explanation for the removal of the app to YouMail CEO Alex Quilici: "It has come to our attention that this application could be used in a way that is harmful to devices, networks or users. Specifically, we have received a complaint from T-Mobile that this application is causing adverse network disruption. We encourage you to contact T-Mobile to negotiate a revision and/or agreement to republish this application and update your existing users."

Understandably, YouMail is none too pleased about the app being yanked from the Android Market. The company pointed out that T-Mobile's complaint stemmed from the notion that YouMail's product was better than T-Mobile's own voicemail services, and was therefore detrimental to its business. YouMail also voiced a reasonable concern about Google's actions in removing the app, since it was pulled from all versions of the Android Market, not just the one that is on T-Mobile devices.

Hopefully, this gets sorted out soon, but until then, it doesn't seem like Android users will be able to download and install the YouMail app from the Android Market. In the meantime, YouMail would be wise to offer a sideload option that can be downloaded from the company's own website. For the record, the app is still available in Apple's iTunes App Store, so iPhone users can still access it. [via GigaOm]

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