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Microsoft lets iPhone, Android users test drive Windows Phone with in-browser demo

News by Dan Seifert on Wednesday November 30, 2011.

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If you are curious as to how Microsoft's Windows Phone 7.5 interface works, but don't have a Windows Phone 7.5 phone lying around to play with, Microsoft has released a new demo of its mobile operating system that works in the browsers of iOS and Android devices.

The emulator lets users try out various functions of the interface right within their own smartphone's browser, offering them a similar experience to going to a store and playing with a Windows Phone smartphone. The demo cannot be customized with user information, but it does have step-by-step tutorials on how to perform various functions.

We tested it in both the iPhone 4S and multiple Android smartphones and found the demo to be pretty impressive, offering users a good idea of what to expect when they pick up a Windows Phone. Ironically enough, the demo does not work in the Internet Explorer 9 Mobile browser on actual Windows Phone devices (yes, we most certainly tried), but if you are already in possession of a Windows Phone smartphone, you probably don't have much use for the demo.

To try out the Windows Phone demo, head over to aka.ms/wpdemo in the browser on an Android or iOS device and have fun. [via Engadget]

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