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Fox claims HP TouchPad not dead yet; possible revival through Windows 8

Rumors by Michael Oryl on Tuesday October 25, 2011.

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According to sources quoted by Fox News, the Palm-designed HP TouchPad is not dead yet. In a Monty Python turn of events, Fox's sources are claiming that, under new CEO Meg Whitman, HP is testing out Microsoft's Windows 8 operating system on TouchPad hardware. Fox claims that there have been internal discussions at HP about reviving the tablet or building new devices designed specifically for Windows 8.

Unlike prior versions of Microsoft's Windows operating system, there will be a version of Windows 8 designed to run on the ARM-based processors used in most mobile devices today, including the HP TouchPad.

Former HP CEO Leo Apotheker announced this summer that HP would no longer develop webOS based devices, and also said that HP would transition out of the PC manufacturing business. Both of those plans seem to be up in the air since Apotheker was ousted.

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