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Google rumored to link Google+ with Google Music in near future

Rumors by Dan Seifert on Monday October 24, 2011.

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The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Google intends to integrate its Google+ social network with its Google Music Beta service in as soon as two weeks. The linking of the two services would allow users to share their favorite songs with other users.

According to the Journal's sources, users would be allowed to listen to the shared songs once for free, after which they will have the option to purchase the tune, likely for the usual $0.99 price that other music services sell songs for. Google plans to roll out this feature in the next two to four weeks, despite it not having the backing of two of the four major record labels. The recommendation and sharing feature would only work with songs that are on the labels that Google has partnerships with, according to the Journal.

Of the labels that Google has had talks with, it seems that EMI Group and Universal Music Group are the ones most likely to agree to participate in the Google Music service. The other two big labels, Warner Music Group and Sony Music Entertainment, both expressed concerns with revenue and piracy, and cite the rampant piracy that they see on YouTube and Android as examples of how Google has failed to contain it in the past.

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