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Motorola to "reveal" new smartphone tomorrow, sends us a puzzle piece

News by Michael Oryl on Monday October 17, 2011.

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This morning I received a package with some goodies and hints as to what Motorola has in store for us tomorrow in New York City at its scheduled press event with Verizon Wireless.

The large black box included a Rubiks Cube with the Motorola "M" logo on it ("smarter"), a small die-cast SR-71 Blackbird jet ("faster"), a mouse pad with a carbon fiber image on it ("stronger"), and two bags of thin chocolate covered mint candies ("thinner"). Two cards were also included in a small envelope with my name on it. The first said the following:

"Faster. Thinner. Smarter. Stronger. Unveil the story. You've got one piece of the exclusive puzzle pieces that will unlock the first official image of Motorola's next big innovation."

The other card contained a code that I entered at Reveal.Motorola.com that changed one of 16 images on the site to show an image that matched that on the back of the card I had. The image showed the rear of what appears to be a phone with a carbon fiber battery cover and a metal (or at least silver) body. The image itself, along with a photo of the change in the website, can be found above, next to the photo of the box contents.

Presumably some other websites have received similar packages with other images. Those pieces of the puzzle promise to reveal the first official photo of the new Motorola phone that will be launched tomorrow. Stay tuned!

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